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About HealthPrez-MMA

Welcome to HealthPrez-MMA’s professional medical platform for Malaysian doctors. The primary objective for promoting the online learning platform is to provide easy accessibility to a variety of relevant and current health topics and rapidly escalate learning and skills development, nationwide to doctors.
These engaging and professional CPD educational activities are created by consultants and key opinion leaders both locally and internationally and all content are awarded CPD credits by the Malaysian Medical Association.
Doctors whom successfully pass these CPD activities will instantaneously earn CPD credits that can be verified via the MMA app.
Up-to-date content: Professional CPD content are continuously being updated and new topics of interest are frequently introduced to help educate both the family physician and relevant specialities, manage their patients better.
Seek expert advice: HealthPrez-MMA offers doctors to seek medical advice from HealthPrez’s expert panel of doctors via the ‘Ask the specialist’ tab. These online consultations are catered for educational purposes, with senior consultants of various specialties. All this at your fingertips, 24/7.
Expert Panel: HealthPrez is supported by a panel of over 50 medical consultants of various sub specialties providing expert content reviews and engagement with doctors throughout Malaysia on the platform.
Accessible: Anywhere, anytime on your PC, Mac or hand-held smart device.

How to Learn and Earn CPD Credits

  • Once you've logged in to the site, you will be directed to your dashboard.
  • The dashboard page highlights all published and your current continuing education activities, your CPD credits for the year and Ask the specialist questions, if any.
  • Clicking on the Published contents will take you to all the available CPD content. Here you can search by speciality or just scroll and learn.
  • Click any of the thumbnails to learn about the course, and clicking start the course will start your CPD activity.
  • The platform is created intuitively for ease of use and upon successful completion of a CPD activity, you will earn 1 CPD credit that will be reflected in your MMA app, instantaneously.
  • Revisit any of the CPD activities to revise, review or retake, at your own pace, 24/7.
  • Each CPD activity requires at least 70% of questions to be answered correctly. You can attempt to re take the quizzes any number of times. Only the highest mark will be recorded.
  • Once you have successfully completed the test, you can proceed to your CPD Tracker or your MMA app, to view all earned credits or go straight to a specific certificate to print it. Your Tracker will keep a record of all certificates earned.
  • Feel free to rate and comment on CPD courses that you have taken. This will help us bring more engaging CPD courses to you and other fellow doctors.

MMA CPD - MyCPD Integration

Good news! MMA CPD credits tracker has been successfully integrated with the MyCPD CPD credits. This means, points captured via the MMA APP will be pushed immediately to the MyCDP system. As a doctor registered with HealthPrez-MMA, you will not require to notify MMC regarding credits earned on the MMA CPD credits tracker.
If you are facing any problem with regards to your MyCPD points (ie, CPD points captured are not reflected in the MyCPD system), kindly contact the MyCPD person in-charge – Mr/Ms at 03 - 88831457 or Email : [email protected]. for further clarification. Please take note that your CPD points might also be pending due to supervisor review.
As a reminder, before scanning the CPD points we strongly recommend updating your information in the profile section of the MMA CPD Mobile app, especially your employment status, to ensure the process runs smoothly and CPD credits recorded accurately.

About CPD Credits for APC Renewal

All CPD points for the purpose of APC application shall be awarded based on the MMC-CPD Grading system. It has nine categories (A1 to A9) of CPD activities in which you can accrue credit points.
CME Online
The simplest way to accumulate CPD points is by completing online CME (Continuing Medical Education) courses on HealthPrez-MMA. Only 1 point is awarded for each completed session. These CPD activities are educational and made engaging to improve the learning experience. You can also choose your topics of interest from a variety of categories offered. We encourage remote learning anywhere, anytime on your PC, Mac or hand held smart device. All this is made available 24/7 at your fingertips, completely free.