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2020-11-26Achieving goals in Paediatric Pneumonia
Sanjay Woodhull94334.8 (37)
2020-12-21Paediatric Fever. Disparities between clinical practice and current evidence
Sanjay Woodhull147454.8 (47)
2020-11-18Extraoesophageal Manifestation of Reflux: From ENT's Perspective
Jeevanan Jahendran141494.9 (49)
2020-11-18A Guard Against GERD During Ramadan
Raja Affendi Raja Ali129424.8 (46)
2020-11-25When is a Red Eye an Emergency?
K John Mathen107684.7 (81)
2020-11-25New Lens and ICL Technologies
Khaw Hoon Hoon34164.5 (24)
2020-10-16Pediatric vaccination from origins to optionals
Angelina Subashini Amaladoss81364.8 (34)
2020-09-25Orthopaedic Conditions in Children
Roshan Gunalan119544.9 (41)
2020-10-26Conquering Lung Cancer Together - Part 3
Anand Sachithanandan41114.9 (9)
2020-10-01Conquering Lung Cancer Together - Part 2
Hilmi Lockman57234.4 (15)
2020-10-05Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) - Can We Beat the Clock
Manoharan Shunmugam74454.7 (30)
2020-10-05Acute breathlessness in a 11-year-old
Wu Loo Ling1491304.7 (82)
2020-09-04Transforming Ovarian Cancer Care Together - Part 1
Woo Yin Ling86394.9 (29)
2020-09-03Conquering Lung Cancer Together - Part 1
Anand Sachithanandan109514.6 (51)
2020-08-07Common Eye Conditions in Children
Sunder Ramasamy2241344.8 (82)
2020-09-13Non Allergic Angioedema. A brief review.
HealthPrez-MMA CPD Committee99884.7 (59)
2020-09-13Acute limp in a 6-year-old
Tang Swee Ping1481374.7 (95)
2020-07-04Taking Consent Seriously Part 1 - Introduction to Taking a Consent
Raja Eileen Soraya Raya Aman2121794.5 (75)
2020-07-27Taking Consent Seriously Part 2 - For Minors and Emergencies
Raja Eileen Soraya Raya Aman1551424.5 (52)
2020-08-14Taking Consent Seriously Part 3 - Consent Validity and Impaired Decision Making
Raja Eileen Soraya Raya Aman1401304.5 (55)
2020-05-19The Placebo Effect
HealthPrez-MMA CPD Committee004.4 (43)
2020-07-04Emergency Contraception (EC)
Lee Say Fatt1881534.7 (86)
2020-05-01Six Curious Clinical Observations in COVID-19
HealthPrez-MMA CPD Committee1881584.5 (92)
2020-05-015 Quick Facts You Need To Know About HPV Vaccination
Joyce Lee Chai Yuit1331144.6 (83)
2020-04-20Extrapulmonary Complications of COVID19 - What You Should Know
Choy Chun Ngok1811504.7 (92)
2020-07-19My Newborn Baby Has A Tooth!
Annapurny Venkiteswaran1711654.7 (72)
2020-04-13Colorectal Cancer: Critical Facts you need to know in your practice
Chen Harn Chin1551404.7 (83)
2020-04-13Test your knowledge on Cervical Cancer Screening
Jeevaretanam Soosaimuthu1491324.6 (82)
2020-02-23Test Your knowledge on the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (2019-nCoV)
HealthPrez-MMA CPD Committee3262924.7 (119)
2020-01-15Appendicitis in Children
Nada Sudhakaran2101844.8 (123)
2020-02-22High colored urine in a 6-year-old boy
Sanjay Woodhull1271124.7 (77)
2020-04-18ACT 3 - Digital Education Program for Primary Care Physicians - SGLT2 Inhibitors and Safety - Emerging Insights
Norlela Sukor150584.8 (57)
2020-04-18ACT 2 - Digital Education Program for Primary Care Physicians - SGLT2 Inhibitors and Renal Protection in Type 2 Diabetes
Chow Yok Wai137634.7 (63)
2020-03-10Needlestick Injuries - Test your knowledge
HealthPrez-MMA CPD Committee1961774.7 (95)
2020-04-18ACT 1 - Digital Education Program for Primary Care Physicians - Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and the Importance of Heart Failure in Diabetes
Azmee Mohd Ghazi146714.6 (82)
2020-03-10An 11-year old with bizarre black spots in the mouth and rectal bleeding
Ganesalingam Kanagasabai1481294.7 (55)